/strik / (say streek)

1. a long, narrow mark, smear, band of colour, or the like: streaks of mud; a streak of lightning.
2. a portion or layer of something, distinguished by colour or nature from the rest; a vein or stratum: streaks of fat in meat.
3. a vein, strain, or admixture of anything: a streak of humour.
4. Colloquial a run (of luck): she's had a tough streak lately.
5. Colloquial a tall, thin person.
6. Mining rock which shows good colour opal.
7. Mineralogy the line of powder obtained by scratching a mineral or rubbing it upon a hard, rough white surface, often differing in colour from the mineral in the mass, and forming an important distinguishing character.
8. Bacteriology the inoculation of a medium with a loop which contains the material to be inoculated, by passing the loop in a direct or zigzag line over the medium, without scratching the surface.
verb (t)
9. to mark with a streak or streaks.
10. to dye (hair) with streaks of colour.
11. to dispose in the form of a streak or streaks.
verb (i)
12. to become streaked.
13. to flash or go rapidly, like a streak of lightning.
14. to run stark naked through a crowd of people in a street, at a cricket match, etc., for dramatic effect.
15. a lucky streak, a run of good luck.
16. be on a losing streak, Colloquial to experience a run of failures.
17. be on a streak, Mining to come across rock showing good colour opal.
18. streak of misery, Colloquial a very tall, thin, morose person.
{Middle English streke, Old English strica; related to strike}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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